Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What examples of flexible learning does my idea draw on?

The ideas that I’ve used for the development of this course come from a variety of sources and experiences.

I’ve drawn on my experiences as a student and a lecturer. I have an understanding of how the University of Otago and Massey University have used distance education. I also feel that I have an understanding of my students given that I have taught for several years now but also having been there and made the mistakes that I made.

I‘ve drawn on ideas from the Midwifery Department at Otago Polytechnic and their use of Moodle, block courses and Eluminate. Feedback regarding the strategies used by the Midwifery department at this stage appears promising, however, as a teacher of younger students I proceed with caution.

Terry Marler did a discussion with the OISA staff last week regarding Moodle and, in so doing, helped me appreciate the flexibility of this on-line learning tool.

Taking part in the flexible learning course itself has provided valuable insights into what is possible with flexible learning. Feedback from staff and fellow students has been very much valuable and appreciated.

Previous courses that I’ve taken part in on my way to completing the GCTLT have provided valuable ideas. For example, the Assessing and Evaluating for Learning course run by Heather Day has given me some great ideas about assessment within my flexible course.

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