Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How does my flexible learning plan fit with the Otago Polytechnics strategic directions?

In a previous blog I outlined the OISA’s strategic direction (May 14th). I believe that the ideas presented fit well with the direction in which we are heading.

Q. How does it achieve this?

A. Flexible approaches are identified in the document and include but are not limited to: blended delivery, e mail, online resources, animations, simulations, video clips, audio material, (pod casting) case scenarios, discussions as well maintaining face to face contact. The direction that I suggested for the flexible development of PST 1 makes use of many of these learning tools.

I will need to further up skill in order to be able to run the flexible delivery of PST 1 in a smooth and efficient manner. I see this as being an ongoing process as more user friendly, flexible delivery options (especially in terms of electronic resources) become available.

Student support will be readily available throughout the course via the various contact methods previously discussed. In addition, as and when required students can be easily referred to the appropriate student support services offered by the Polytechnic.

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