Friday, June 19, 2009

Flexible Delivery Plan for PST 1 on You Tube

I've posted my Flexible Delivery Plan for Psychological Skills Training One (PST 1) on You Tube

I'ts 9 minutes 42 seconds long.

I welcome you to have a look at it, to ask questions and provide feedback via this blog.


  1. Hi Gary,, I'm just loading your video now.. but did you know you can display Youtube videos in your blog? Go to Youtube and search for "embedding youtube videos" and watch the first one there by the user BeforeAndAfterTV

  2. Left the following comment on your Youtube post:

    LOVE the presentation style. SImple, easy, effective. Hope you'll keep us all updated this way! Video blogger.. Ideas: mobile phones have a lot of scope with their text , photo, audio, and video.. eg, video from phone to youtube is as simple as pic txt.

    Another idea: I once worked with a fella who sent postcards each week to his distance students. The postcards gradually built up into a flash card booklet, with his weekly feedback and notes on the otherside.

  3. Hi Gary
    I am on the flexible learning course as a "distance learner" from Hamilton and am really impressed with your Youtube video for the assignment. Everything you stated and proposed for the psychologocal skills training was clear and made so much sense to me.


  4. Hi Gary
    Your presentation is great.
    I like how you have synthesised the key ideas we have to consider in the course, flexibility, cultural awareness and sustainability in with your key idea of student autonomy. I think your 'platinum' quote is spot on also and it seems like this idea, treat others as they want to be treated, will follow from your consultation with students at the beginnning of the course.

    From a purely presentation/technological point of view, being able to see both presenter and content is very appealing and I wonder if the presentation video of you can be embedded in a slideshow of the content on the boards as a corner picture. I did find it a bit hard to see all of the content on the boards at times.
    Cheers Ruth

  5. The thing that I have been thinking is: it's all very well us being all lovey-dovey with our students, but how realistic are we being when you look at the constraints of working in an institution that is out to make as much money as it can and when you have large classes of students?

  6. Hi Gary - really liked what you aid about treating students as you would want to be treated.
    P.S. check out VCASMO as way to combine a youtube and powerpoint slides

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